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Coming to a City Near You: An Ambitious Green Future

The call to commit to sustainable building and renewable energy sources has been prevalent for decades. In recent years, much sought-after progress is starting to breakthrough. As clean energy sources become more reliable, abundant, and more affordable, the call for change has given way to action. Locally and nationwide, private businesses, energy providers, municipalities, and state governments have all made pledges and taken meaningful steps to protect the environment and access more resilient local energy sources.

Here in Tampa Bay, it has been the municipalities that have led the charge in sustainability and resiliency. In 2016, the City of St. Petersburg became the first city in Florida to sign on to the Sierra Club’s Ready For 100 Campaign. Since then, the City of Largo, the City of Dunedin, and the City of Safety Harbor have also committed. They have joined 173 cities and eight states in committing to 100% clean energy within a specific year.

The phrase clean energy conjures an image of rooftop solar panels and sprawling wind farms. While energy generation is a part of sustainability, another core part is energy reduction. New and preexisting buildings can drastically reduce energy use in various ways, including new energy-efficient lighting systems and appliances, improved insulation, and efficient energy recovery HVAC systems. Architectural design that can reduce a building’s carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) include expanded green space, buildings that can capture and use natural light efficiently, reflective colors that dissipate heat, and design that reduces exposed asphalt.

To meet their commitment to clean energy, the City of Largo, working with ASD|SKY and Biltmore Construction, is moving forward with design and construction of their new sustainable City Hall. Several environmentally friendly features are under consideration to maximize environmental sustainability and long-term energy savings including a rooftop solar array, geothermal cooling system, daylight harvesting sensors to maximize daylight usage, rainwater harvesting for irrigation and water features, and sustainable materials sourced close to the site.

Ambitious projects that champion sustainable communities like the new Largo City Hall are becoming more frequent. Many states and municipalities are setting more ambitious timelines to reach 100% renewable energy as formally daunting goals look more achievable. As of today, according to the Sierra Club, many cities, including Aspen, Colorado, Burlington, Vermont, Georgetown, Texas, and Greensburg, Kansas, have already reached the goal of using 100% sustainable energy sources, and many more are well on the way. As the paths to 100% clean energy continue to become more accessible, we can expect Florida cities to join their ranks in the coming years.

Clearwater Awards Biltmore Construction Continuing Services Contract

The City of Clearwater has awarded Biltmore Construction a continuing services contract for a four-year term. We are honored to continue working with the City on these important projects. We have been fortunate to deliver numerous successful projects with the City over the past 50 years including Clearwater’s Centennial Monument, Fire Station 50, Fire Rescue Public Safety Headquarters & Fire Station 45, Pier 60 Repairs, and many others. We look forward to assisting the City of Clearwater with their growth initiatives for many years to come.

Foundations Underway for Plantation Key Courthouse

Biltmore is now laying the foundations of Monroe County’s new Plantation Key Judicial Courthouse and Detention Facility. The completed 48,000 square foot facility will be an efficient consolidation of several government offices. The finished complex will include the 16th Judicial Circuit of Florida, State Attorney’s Office, Monroe County Clerk of Court’s Office, Sheriff’s Office and Public Works Office.

The two-story courthouse includes three courtrooms, judges chambers, and Clerk of the Court’s civil and criminal offices. The construction also includes a new on site parking garage. The new on-site detention facility will cover 11,000 square feet and include a 57-person bunk room. In addition, the building features improved electronic security control and devices, Control Room, and Officer’s Bunk Room.

Built on an active site adjacent to the old courthouse facility all buildings will feature improved security and technology. Another key improvement is the facility will be hardened to withstand sustained winds over 150 MPH. The sitework also includes new paving, improved drainage, and full landscaping. Anticipated completion is Spring of 2022.


Biltmore Begins Construction of City of Largo Wastewater Treatment Operations Building

Biltmore has began construction on the City of Largo’s newest building. The 13,000-square-foot wastewater treatment building will serve as the operations center and water testing facility for the City of Largo Environmental Services.

Built with resiliency in mind this facility is being built to maintain vital operations and accommodate laboratory staff during storms. The building is designed with a 24 foot raised elevation, and built to resist Category-5 hurricane force winds, a first for the city.

The three-story hardened building also places an emphasis on sustainability. To promote green living and practices this building features solar-ready roofing, as well as an electric vehicle charging station.