Biltmore Completes NORD Refuse Systems on Clearwater Beach

Biltmore Construction is in the process of installing seven new NORD Underground Refuse Systems for the City of Clearwater. The new below-ground refuse containers are built to serve Clearwater beachfront and other locations with heavy pedestrian and tourist traffic. The main goal is to increase efficiency and reduce pollution on Clearwater’s beautiful, internationally renowned beaches.

The new NORD refuse system has above-ground access points that empty into a larger, underground container. These new containers secure significantly more waste than traditional garbage and recycling cans, which requires less pickups and secures the waste in a way that eliminates overflow or spillage. The NORD systems features are expected to make waste management more sustainable and increase the Clearwater Solid Waste Department’s efficiency.

Initially, the installation of the three NORD systems on Clearwater Beach posed an issue. The beach is only three feet above sea level, making dewatering the 14-foot hole challenging through conventional means. Biltmore found that placing four-sided trench boxes prevented water from entering the site during the installation of the refuse systems.

Another challenge was underground utilities that were in conflict with the NORD systems. Biltmore worked with the City to quickly identify new locations that could accommodate the refuse systems and test them with ground-penetrating radar before selection. The sites have also been highly active throughout the process; as a result, scheduling had to be adjusted frequently to accommodate holidays and a busy tourist season.

Biltmore Construction is currently completing additional NORD systems in multiple locations in Clearwater to create a cleaner, greener, and more efficient city. Expect to see new containers throughout the City of Clearwater soon.

Biltmore Continues Work at Historic Miami Circle

Biltmore Construction is currently managing the enhancement and preservation of the uniquely historic Miami Circle Park.

Miami Circle was famously uncovered in 1998 after a routine archaeological survey in downtown Miami revealed a perfect 38-foot circle of holes cut into the limestone bedrock. Artifacts and bones notably surrounded the ring, indicating it was the remains of an ancient Native American settlement.

The site received international attention as archeologists, students, and the public petitioned to protect the site from future development. The State of Florida, in an unprecedented move, decided to purchase the property back from the developer to study and preserve the ancient artifact.

While the exact purpose and age of the structure remain unknown. However, archeologists have discovered artifacts such as stone ax heads, bones, and burnt wood up to 2,000 years old. The formation remains the only known evidence of a prehistoric structure built into bedrock anywhere in the United States.

Today our firm is working with the State on extensive landscaping and maintenance to the waterfront park. Work includes new sodding over the entire site, over 1,400 new plants, new railing, new decorative rocks and boulders, and repairs to the irrigation system and drainage and hardscaping. All work is made as resilient as possible to mitigate potential damage from Hurricanes and adverse weather conditions.

Biltmore is pleased to be a part of such a consequential project to both improve a vital community space and preserve this historical artifact for many years to come. The newly upgraded park is planned to be completed and opened to the public by the end of September.

Congratulations to the City of Largo on their New Wastewater Treatment Operations Building!

Today the City of Largo, along with Biltmore Construction and McKim and Creed, celebrated the official ribbon cutting of the new Wastewater Treatment Facility Operations Building. This new three-story operations building is the first in the city built to withstand category five hurricane winds. It is also elevated over 23 feet above sea level, making it resistant to a 500-year flood level event. The now finished building houses state-of-the-art labs, offices, environmental monitoring systems, and the Largo Plant Operations Division. We appreciate the opportunity to construct such an important project for the City of Largo – one that promotes public health.

Sustainable, Green, Florida

Coming to a City Near You: An Ambitious Green Future

The call to commit to sustainable building and renewable energy sources has been prevalent for decades. In recent years, much sought-after progress is starting to breakthrough. As clean energy sources become more reliable, abundant, and more affordable, the call for change has given way to action. Locally and nationwide, private businesses, energy providers, municipalities, and state governments have all made pledges and taken meaningful steps to protect the environment and access more resilient local energy sources.

Here in Tampa Bay, it has been the municipalities that have led the charge in sustainability and resiliency. In 2016, the City of St. Petersburg became the first city in Florida to sign on to the Sierra Club’s Ready For 100 Campaign. Since then, the City of Largo, the City of Dunedin, and the City of Safety Harbor have also committed. They have joined 173 cities and eight states in committing to 100% clean energy within a specific year.

The phrase clean energy conjures an image of rooftop solar panels and sprawling wind farms. While energy generation is a part of sustainability, another core part is energy reduction. New and preexisting buildings can drastically reduce energy use in various ways, including new energy-efficient lighting systems and appliances, improved insulation, and efficient energy recovery HVAC systems. Architectural design that can reduce a building’s carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) include expanded green space, buildings that can capture and use natural light efficiently, reflective colors that dissipate heat, and design that reduces exposed asphalt.

To meet their commitment to clean energy, the City of Largo, working with ASD|SKY and Biltmore Construction, is moving forward with design and construction of their new sustainable City Hall. Several environmentally friendly features are under consideration to maximize environmental sustainability and long-term energy savings including a rooftop solar array, geothermal cooling system, daylight harvesting sensors to maximize daylight usage, rainwater harvesting for irrigation and water features, and sustainable materials sourced close to the site.

Ambitious projects that champion sustainable communities like the new Largo City Hall are becoming more frequent. Many states and municipalities are setting more ambitious timelines to reach 100% renewable energy as formally daunting goals look more achievable. As of today, according to the Sierra Club, many cities, including Aspen, Colorado, Burlington, Vermont, Georgetown, Texas, and Greensburg, Kansas, have already reached the goal of using 100% sustainable energy sources, and many more are well on the way. As the paths to 100% clean energy continue to become more accessible, we can expect Florida cities to join their ranks in the coming years.

Largo, city hall, Biltmore

Biltmore Awarded Largo New City Hall Project

Biltmore Construction will be working with the City of Largo to construct their ambitious new city hall project. We are honored to have been selected and are excited to continue our successful relationship. This keystone project includes a new state-of-the-art city hall, up to 25,000 GSF of retail space, and a 370 space parking garage. This new mixed-use facility will also provide community space to host special events. The new complex will act as a catalyst for the future downtown Largo development. Designs and construction will feature extensive sustainable components ensuring an efficient, environmentally conscious city hall that will serve the City for years to come.

Clearwater Awards Biltmore Construction Continuing Services Contract

The City of Clearwater has awarded Biltmore Construction a continuing services contract for a four-year term. We are honored to continue working with the City on these important projects. We have been fortunate to deliver numerous successful projects with the City over the past 50 years including Clearwater’s Centennial Monument, Fire Station 50, Fire Rescue Public Safety Headquarters & Fire Station 45, Pier 60 Repairs, and many others. We look forward to assisting the City of Clearwater with their growth initiatives for many years to come.

Biltmore Prepares for an Active Hurricane Season

With the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicting this year’s hurricane season to be extremely active, we are working on ensuring we can rapidly secure our active construction sites during a hurricane event. NOAA is forecasting one of the most active hurricane season in its 22-year history, with between 19-25 named storms. We know from our years of local experience that a hurricane can move and grow in a moment’s notice and we prepare with the assumption any major storm could be a direct hit. We’re also experts at rapidly mobilizing staff directly after a hurricane to provide emergency repairs. For example, after Hurricane Irma hit we quickly mobilized to perform emergency roof repairs for  dozens of correctional facilities across 10 sites simultaneously.

City of Largo Wastewater Treatment Operation Building Update

The City of Largo’s new Wastewater Operations Building has reached the important milestone having successfully been topped out. Currently the project is well over a month ahead of schedule. Our work with the City of Largo remains uninterrupted.

The new 8-million-dollar stand-alone building will house administration offices and laboratory facilities for the City of Largo Environmental Services. The three-story cast-in-place concrete and masonry building is elevated and hardened to be able to resist category-5 level storms, a first for the city.

The onsite team has recently just completed the thermoplastic polyolefin membrane roof.  The team also finished the concrete work on third floor, the second floor is expected to be finished within the next week.

Our team is on track to exceed the project goals and deliver another successful project for the City of Largo.

Zota Beach Resort Earns Condé Nast Traveler Top 30 Resort in Florida

The Zota Beach Resort has earned a spot in Condé Nast Traveler Top 30 Resort in Florida. Biltmore Construction wishes to congratulate Ocean Properties and The Zota Beach Resort for winning this prestigious award. We wish you continued success!

Biltmore Construction completed this beautiful luxury oceanfront hotel in 2017 which involved constructing a new, six-story tower and lobby connecting to an existing five-story tower including all amenities: pool, restaurant, banquet and meeting rooms, administration/staff offices, luxury spa and an elaborate, multi-tiered, outdoor waterfall feature.

Biltmore Construction has been serving the hospitality and resort industry since 1954. We are fortunate to have completed many successful projects such as the Clearwater Beach Hotel, Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Loch Ness Recreation Complex at InnisBrook Resort, the Sea Stone Resort and Suites and the Sirata Beach Hotel. We enjoy being a construction partner that our hospitality facility owners can depend on and look forward to building more award winning facilities in the near future.


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COVID-19 Update

Beginning March 16th staff at Biltmore Construction will begin working remotely for the duration of the COVID-19 health risk. We are doing this to ensure the safety of our clients, employees and subconsultants by reducing the chance of spreading the virus.

Our proactive strategy prevents interruptions to day-to-day operations and we expect business to continue as normal.

We are proud of our long successful relationship with the Florida Department of Health and applaud them for the work they are doing during this difficult time. Biltmore has converted lab facilities during various health scares and stands ready to assist during COVID-19. Our quick response is proven during a crisis. For example, during Hurricane Irma, the Department of Corrections deployed us within 24 hours to repair 70 roofs in a very short period of time.