Over the last 67 years, our process has been modified to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our society and technology, however some things remain at the center of our foundation and those are to produce a quality product, be a team player and treat everyone fairly. These simple concepts have led to years of relationships with our clients, our subcontractors and the communities in which we build.

Our commitment starts during the design phase where we offer solutions to problems, track and maintain the project budget, identify project timelines for completion and enforce the quality being represented in the documents. It is a process of transparency and teamwork that is necessary to provide the best value for the Owner that supports not only the initial investment of the project, but also the long-term investment over the lifespan of the facility.


Biltmore Construction is invested in the local community. Florida is our home. We have lived here, played here, worked here – for more than 67 years. Over that time, we have developed strong relationships with local subcontractors and businesses in every community that we serve in the State of Florida spanning the past several decades. This gives us the ability to maximize the benefit to each community by making sure the dollars remain in that community, which leads to a high rate of acceptance and pride within the local community.


Biltmore Construction partners with clients to ‘Build for Life.’ We get involved early to work with your architect to examine the site, building configuration, efficiency of construction, sustainable systems and materials, ease of maintenance, and flexibility of space for future needs. We look at the entire life cycle of your building to ensure that you maximize your investment. We also want to minimize impact to the community and environment both during and post construction. This is all part of our process. Key things we evaluate for sustainability including structural systems (longevity), the envelope system (performance and ease of maintenance), MEP Systems (performance and efficiency), alternative energy (efficiency and reduced consumption), finishes (longevity and ease of maintenance), and interior spaces (flexibility for future growth and improved working environment).


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