University of Florida Library West /Phased Concrete pan system university library addition and expansion /180,000 GSF

Biltmore provided construction management services for the expansion and renovation of the University’s main library. The project included a 60,000 GSF four-story addition and the complete interior remodel/renovation of the existing 120,000 GSF 6-story building. To maximize the floor space for stacks, the library is equipped with mobile compact shelving system on tracks installed flush with the flooring surface.

The 2-story entry lobby features a pair of escalators and a patron elevator leading to the 2nd floor circulation desk. One floor is dedicated to library director and administration offices. The library also houses study areas, graduate study carrels, integrated wireless technologies, classrooms, video/recording studio for distant learning, and café.

Located on an high-traffic campus location, the project required extensive site development, HVAC systems replacement, an addition of a new chiller and cooling tower to accommodate stringent humidity controls, utility upgrades, parking additions and modifications, and landscaping.

Biltmore is the recipient of the “outstanding masonry project” Award for the Institutional Division for Library West for the quality and excellence of the brick facade. Construction is concrete pan system. Library West is LEED Gold certified.