Tampa Bay Water Emergency Management & Field Operations / New admin center & EOC / 17,000 GSF

Tampa Bay Water (TBW), is a multi-county consortium of bay area water supply resources and is the steward and control center for our area’s potable water distribution. The new 17,000 GSF Administration and Emergency Operations facility houses TBW Operations, and a Tier IV Data Center with redundant cooling and emergency power systems, Maintenance, Instrumentation and Controls Divisions, and administration offices and support areas for management and facilities staff.

Specialized climate-controlled storage provides preservation of original infrastructure record drawings, O & M Manuals and maintenance records, critical to TBW’s operation. Hardened to withstand a Category-5 storm event, the EOC is supported by independent, redundant generator systems with facilities to support emergency staff during and after a storm event.

As a control center and keeper of all critical data requiring uninterrupted service and systems additional UPS, “intergen” fire protection, and power distribution systems were installed. The data center enables personnel to re-mobilize at this facility to assure there is no disruption to the water supply control systems or loss of critical data.