Largo Wastewater Treatment Facility Operations Building / New three-story hardened operations facility for a municipal wastewater treatment plant / 15,000 GSF

This new 15,000-square-foot wastewater treatment operations building will serve as the operations center and water testing facility for the City of Largo’s Environmental Services.

The three-story hardened building is a cast-in-place concrete and masonry building with a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane (TPO) roof. It houses state-of-the-art labs and offices. The second level houses the Plant Operations division, and the third level includes the laboratory and environmental monitoring functions. The building promotes sustainable practices with features like solar-ready roofing and multiple electric vehicle charging stations.

The building has been hardened to withstand Category 5 level storms, a first for the City of Largo. The facilities, labs, and offices are built with a 12 foot raised elevation allowing the building to remain operational in a 500-year flood event.