Keys Energy Services / Transmission and Distribution Administration Building / New, two-story 8,695 GSF

New two-story 8,695 square feet concrete office building with storage and parking at ground level, and the selective demolition and renovation of adjacent existing two-story 2,445 square feet building along with all associated site, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and new fire protection. Facility houses offices, locker rooms, restrooms, and 1,200 square feet of Group S-2 Low Hazard Storage Occupancy Classification on the ground level. The project consists of 11,140 square feet of air conditioned space, 4,450 square feet of covered parking and 1,183 square feet of unconditioned elevated walkways and stair towers for a total of 16,773 square feet as well as 79,870 square feet site work. This is a hardened, Category Five facility supported by redundant back-up.