Hillsborough Community College Data Center Public Safety Headquarters / Phased renovation and remodel / 26,700 GSF

This phased project entailed select demolition of existing space on the third and fourth floors and “hardening” an interior core to house a data center. Renovations and remodeling of the collaboration studio consisted of 16,000 GSF housing a new Public Safety Central Dispatch Suite, maintenance shop, and Tier III Central Data Center to serve the college’s eight campuses.

Scope included installation of a 600 kW, diesel, standby generator fed through 108 kW paralleling 480 volt high efficient uninterrupted power supplies. The parallel, 225 kW, power distribution units serve the data cabinets via redundant overhead power bus system establishing the power necessary for dual cord equipment power in the data racks; and new high-impact windows and glazing. Construction was completed within an occupied facility while maintaining full operations.

The three, 11,000 CFM, direct expansion, computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) units are equipped with variable speed plenum fans, efficiently controlling the data center temperature requirements. Each data cabinet
is equipped with an exhaust vent ducted out the top to the ceiling return plenum. With the CRAC units’ inlets drawing ducted air from the ceiling return plenum, return air is forced to be drawn from the ceiling plenum through each
cabinet. The floor acts as a cold aisle and the return plenum acts as the hot aisle. In this configuration, the data center space maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout, thereby eliminating the hot aisle from
within the space. The Data Center is protected with a FE-25 Clean Agent total flooding system. The critical data center power, fire protection, and HVAC components are remotely monitored by the Building Management System and
IT networks.