Florida International University Viertes Haus Building Renovations/ Phased demolition and renovations/ 70,000 GSF

The Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC) operates laboratories on the main campus of FIU and is composed of faculty, associates, students and technicians who work together on environmental research programs. The Microbial Ecology Labs (MEL) and Nutrient Analysis Labs conduct studies and testings in the fields of environmental sciences and utilize lab space on the 3rd floor of the 70,000 GSF Viertes Haus facility. The VH Labs, originally built in 1975, were in need of major upgrades.

Biltmore’s conducted a series of phased renovations beginning with select demolition on six labs of 3,500 GSF. Working under stringent air control processes, the demo debris had to be covered, floor surfaces cleaned and removed by use of an elevator in occupied space. The new lab space required coring through the floor, this work was done after hours and on weekends. Biltmore worked with the designers recommending relocating the natural gas, compressed air, vacuum and water lines from the 2nd floor ceiling space to the 3rd floor ceiling allowing easier access for construction and maintenance.