Florida Atlantic University Seatech Research Lab / Multi-story research facility conversion / 50,000 GSF – $5.6M

This adaptive re-use project included the remodeling and conversion of an existing retail facility into a specialized research laboratory facility for FAU’s Ocean Engineering program. The scope included exterior envelope remediation, window replacement, waterproofing, and re-roofing. The 50,000 SF complex houses oceanfront research labs, teaching labs, classrooms, faculty offices, and tele-conferencing facilities. The project included direct continuous-flow seawater lines with intake filters (core-drilled from facility under roadway extending 1/4 mile into Atlantic) for marine science studies, seawater tanks, docking facilities for AUVs and research vessels and extensive labs for acoustics, materials, hydrodynamics and physical oceanography, AUV and Ship-board automation.

The Acoustic and Vibrations Lab includes Anechoic and Reverberation Chambers, Deep Water Test Tanks, Medium Shaker System, and variety of sonar labs. The Hydrodynamics and Physical Oceanography Labs include a 50-Foot Wave Tank, Small Wave Tank, PIV Systems, and turbulence measurement platform.

Additional features include modular casework for lab flexibility, AUV simulators, advanced computer labs, 120-seat auditorium/conference center, and 600 SF library.