Ft. Pierce Farmers Market Emergency Repairs / Hurricane damage repairs and renovations / 220,000 GSF

Biltmore was called to conduct an emergency assessment of hurricane damage days after a series of major storms tore through Martin County destroying the multi-acre Ft. Pierce Farmers Market. The assessment report along with photographs was sent to FEMA for approval and release of the appropriate funding. Upon approval, Biltmore begin with the extensive cleanup process, necessary demolition and utility safe-guards to begin the restoration process. See “before & after” photos below. Upon completion, Biltmore conducted full repair, replacement and new construction for over 14 hurricane damaged warehouse/office buildings.

The project entailed working in partnership with the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, FEMA and the A/E team to recommend actions based on hurricane damage assessments.

The Ft. Pierce Farmers’ Market consists of 14 buildings ranging from warehouse and packing facilities with loading docks, cold storage, offices, climate-controlled warehouse space, restrooms, and administrative offices. The work scope included building demolitions, replacements, interior and exterior repairs, code upgrades, asbestos removal, MEP/HVAC repairs/replacements and extensive site and utility work.