Florida Department of Agriculture Bronson Diagnostic Lab Complex/ New phased diagnostics lab

One of two laboratories in the Florida Diagnostic Laboratory System, the Kissimmee facility is a full-service, all-species laboratory receiving domestic and exotic animal species with the exception of primates, capable of tests ranging from full necropsy/anatomical pathology services to clinical pathology, histopathology, and immunohistochemistry are offered.

Phase 1 was a new 1,898 SF BSL-3 Lab suite building that included 3 BSL-3 laboratories with biosafety cabinets; 1 BSL-3+ lab with a work room, negative air and secondary containment barriers & systems; anteroom, kill tanks; autoclave; maximum security and surveillance systems. An accredited, allspecies, full service lab system, the Kissimmee lab houses one of the Southeast’s most comprehensive diagnostic programs. In addition to monitoring animal diseases, the lab also conducts thousands of test each year for public health threats.

The Phase 2 facility includes two new structures housing a Necropsy Laboratory and Incineration Facility plus a Shipping & Receiving Facility. The Necropsy Lab is 20’ high, floor to ceiling, to accommodate handling of large animal carcasses and includes a high performance monorail system with motorized & manual hoists able to accommodate loads to 6,000 pounds. The facility also houses a 20’ x 10’ x 20’H Environmental Cold Room; a 2,400 pound incinerator; Bio-safety Cabinets and Wet Labs; and emergency generator system for both buildings. The project included complete site development & improvements, clearing, grading, pavement, fencing, storm-water retention; sanitary & potable water systems extensions and data/telecommunications systems conduit extensions.