Biltmore Continues Work at Historic Miami Circle

Biltmore Construction is currently managing the enhancement and preservation of the uniquely historic Miami Circle Park.

Miami Circle was famously uncovered in 1998 after a routine archaeological survey in downtown Miami revealed a perfect 38-foot circle of holes cut into the limestone bedrock. Artifacts and bones notably surrounded the ring, indicating it was the remains of an ancient Native American settlement.

The site received international attention as archeologists, students, and the public petitioned to protect the site from future development. The State of Florida, in an unprecedented move, decided to purchase the property back from the developer to study and preserve the ancient artifact.

While the exact purpose and age of the structure remain unknown. However, archeologists have discovered artifacts such as stone ax heads, bones, and burnt wood up to 2,000 years old. The formation remains the only known evidence of a prehistoric structure built into bedrock anywhere in the United States.

Today our firm is working with the State on extensive landscaping and maintenance to the waterfront park. Work includes new sodding over the entire site, over 1,400 new plants, new railing, new decorative rocks and boulders, and repairs to the irrigation system and drainage and hardscaping. All work is made as resilient as possible to mitigate potential damage from Hurricanes and adverse weather conditions.

Biltmore is pleased to be a part of such a consequential project to both improve a vital community space and preserve this historical artifact for many years to come. The newly upgraded park is planned to be completed and opened to the public by the end of September.