Biltmore Completes NORD Refuse Systems on Clearwater Beach

Biltmore Construction is in the process of installing seven new NORD Underground Refuse Systems for the City of Clearwater. The new below-ground refuse containers are built to serve Clearwater beachfront and other locations with heavy pedestrian and tourist traffic. The main goal is to increase efficiency and reduce pollution on Clearwater’s beautiful, internationally renowned beaches.

The new NORD refuse system has above-ground access points that empty into a larger, underground container. These new containers secure significantly more waste than traditional garbage and recycling cans, which requires less pickups and secures the waste in a way that eliminates overflow or spillage. The NORD systems features are expected to make waste management more sustainable and increase the Clearwater Solid Waste Department’s efficiency.

Initially, the installation of the three NORD systems on Clearwater Beach posed an issue. The beach is only three feet above sea level, making dewatering the 14-foot hole challenging through conventional means. Biltmore found that placing four-sided trench boxes prevented water from entering the site during the installation of the refuse systems.

Another challenge was underground utilities that were in conflict with the NORD systems. Biltmore worked with the City to quickly identify new locations that could accommodate the refuse systems and test them with ground-penetrating radar before selection. The sites have also been highly active throughout the process; as a result, scheduling had to be adjusted frequently to accommodate holidays and a busy tourist season.

Biltmore Construction is currently completing additional NORD systems in multiple locations in Clearwater to create a cleaner, greener, and more efficient city. Expect to see new containers throughout the City of Clearwater soon.