Foundations Underway for Plantation Key Courthouse

Biltmore is now laying the foundations of Monroe County’s new Plantation Key Judicial Courthouse and Detention Facility. The completed 48,000 square foot facility will be an efficient consolidation of several government offices. The finished complex will include the 16th Judicial Circuit of Florida, State Attorney’s Office, Monroe County Clerk of Court’s Office, Sheriff’s Office and Public Works Office.

The two-story courthouse includes three courtrooms, judges chambers, and Clerk of the Court’s civil and criminal offices. The construction also includes a new on site parking garage. The new on-site detention facility will cover 11,000 square feet and include a 57-person bunk room. In addition, the building features improved electronic security control and devices, Control Room, and Officer’s Bunk Room.

Built on an active site adjacent to the old courthouse facility all buildings will feature improved security and technology. Another key improvement is the facility will be hardened to withstand sustained winds over 150 MPH. The sitework also includes new paving, improved drainage, and full landscaping. Anticipated completion is Spring of 2022.


FIU, EOC, Biltmore

Work Begins on the FIU Emergency Management Center

Biltmore Construction has recently begun construction on Florida International University’s new Public Safety and Emergency Management Center. The expansion will address two key concerns for the University: 1) Providing dedicated space for safety and security personnel 2) Create an updated emergency operations center.

The project involves the conversion of the second floor of an active parking garage to provide an expanded emergency operations center built to withstand Catagory-5 storms. The complex will also include service operations, equipment storage, offices, conference rooms and break rooms.

Biltmore will also be renovating the adjacent space to include a locker room, sleeping space, laundry service space, showers, food storage and offices that will be used by essential FIU personnel during emergency events. This ensures all necessary departments can remain in operation during any emergency.

The project will adhere to all University conservation strategies and will be LEED certified. Anticipated completion is Spring of 2021.

Plantation Key School Official Ribbon Cutting

On March 31st Plantation Key School will be having their official ribbon cutting event. Biltmore has been proud to serve as the construction management firm for this unique school. We are excited to see what the future holds for this campus and its students.

Plantation Key School is a State-of-the-Art school providing a 21st century learning environment for the local community. This specialized facility is a two-story, cast-in-place structure designed to withstand Category-5 storms. The new school houses many new and unique features such as a marine-science lab, waterside amphitheater, flexible learning spaces and a “Science-On-a-Sphere” lab which uses a global display system to project real time information from all over the globe.

Our work also included site redevelopment. The outdoor ball fields, basketball and tennis courts, physical education and gymnasium structure as well as three new playgrounds and amphitheater were all phased on an occupied campus while the new school was built and the existing school was demolished.

Tampa Bay is Building Up, but is Everyone Benefiting?


Across Tampa Bay you’ll see hotels, towers and roads underway, the area is not short of construction projects. With an average of 906 new residents coming to the Sunshine State, it seems like the construction is not going to stop anytime soon. More than buildings are going up.

Rent has spiked all over Florida with Tampa Bay seeing the biggest impact. A study released by Apartment guide ranked St. Pete as the fourth highest city for rental rate increase, with Tampa not far behind. As condos and apartment complexes go up in these cities it seems to do little to lower rent costs and affordable housing has grown harder to find.

With costs on the rise what should be done about it? St. Petersburg has committed to spend $60 million to build affordable apartments over the next ten years, meanwhile Hillsborough County is devoting $10 million every year for an affordable housing trust.

Are local and state governments doing enough to address this or should private development step up building housing that more people can afford? Will building housing complexes be the next gold rush for general contractors in Tampa Bay? One thing is certain, construction is not slowing down any time soon.

Biltmore Begins Construction of City of Largo Wastewater Treatment Operations Building

Biltmore has began construction on the City of Largo’s newest building. The 13,000-square-foot wastewater treatment building will serve as the operations center and water testing facility for the City of Largo Environmental Services.

Built with resiliency in mind this facility is being built to maintain vital operations and accommodate laboratory staff during storms. The building is designed with a 24 foot raised elevation, and built to resist Category-5 hurricane force winds, a first for the city.

The three-story hardened building also places an emphasis on sustainability. To promote green living and practices this building features solar-ready roofing, as well as an electric vehicle charging station.

Biltmore Transforms Academy of Holy Names Media Center

Biltmore, as part of the Academy of Holy Names’ facilities master plan, just finished transforming an existing, 30,000 square foot, two-story media building from a traditional library space into an advanced 21st Century Media Center featuring collaborative learning spaces.

The goal was to transform this traditional media center into a 21st century learning facility that nurtures collaboration and hands-on learning. While the old media center was designed and built for obtaining books and lending them to students or teachers, the newly transformed 21st century media center supports student collaboration and group work – the dominant instruction and learning style today. Quiet study space, support for Bring Your Own Technology, content-creation tools, and a flexible environment that can be reconfigured on the fly to meet ever-changing needs of staff and students.

Doral’s New Legacy Park Opens

This new, 18-acre urban park included extensive Brownfield site remediation, a 2–story, 38,300 SF recreation building housing a gymnasium, classroom/community room, performance stage with audio/visual and stage lighting; two full-size indoor basketball courts with an elevated running track and workout area; an aerobics and dance studio with folding partitions; and all ancillary support spaces.  Additional features include baseball and soccer fields, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts and a large splash pad.

Plantation Key School under construction

Biltmore Construction is constructing a 21st century learning K-8 school in Plantation Key for the Monroe County School Board.

This new K-8 replacement school will provide a State-of-the-Art 21st Century Learning Environment for the community. The 102,000 GSF, 660 student facility is a two-story, cast-in-place structure housing classrooms, administration, gymnasium, media center, and cafetorium on an occupied 11-acre coastal site, featuring the latest in flexible learning spaces, technology, and security. The facility is hardened to withstand Cat-V windloads.

Construction is phased to allow use of the existing structures for continued school operations during construction. The existing school buildings will be demolished once the new school construction is complete to allow for redevelopment of the site.

Site work includes new parking facilities, utility relocations and tie-ins, new ball fields, new basketball and tennis courts, new Physical Education/Gynasium structure, three new playgrounds and a tiered-seating outdoor performance amphitheater.

The project is seeking Green Certification and all energy saving strategies are being considered to include energy management systems, possible geothermal cooling systems, and alternative energy sources.

Biltmore begins construction of Eckerd College’s New Visual Arts Center

Over the past decade, Biltmore has become an extension of staff assisting Eckerd College in transforming their campus to meet the needs of a growing student population. This most recent project, a 3-story, 33,434 GSF visual arts center features a gallery wing, studio wing, classrooms and offices. Other projects have included a $25.8M Platinum LEED Certified molecular sciences building, a marine science laboratory, a library, campus housing, a science complex, a Tier III data center, several athletic fields, an event venue and a chapel.